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INFOKORT FOR :  Samoa 4205 Samoa BLEU MARINE blå B:300cm
Varenavn: Samoa 4205 Samoa BLEU MARINE blå B:300cm
Varenummer 4205

A blackout fabric, Samoa blocks 100% of the light coming from the outside, guaranteeing total darkness indoors. Made from fireproof polyester fibres and equipped with a flame-retardant acrylic coating on one side, Samoa complies with the principal European fire resistance standards (M1, B1, Class1). Soft to the touch ("peach-skin effect") and boasting an authentic textile look, its white coated side gives it a highly aesthetic finish. Available in a width of 300 cm, it is ideally suited for use in large-sized applications (curtains, canopies.). Samoa is available in stock in 14 beautiful colours.

Samoa 4205 Samoa BLEU MARINE blå B:300cm

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